Triplelock Gas Flexible Flue Liner - 316 Grade

Triplelock Gas Flexible Flue Liner - 316 Grade

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Gas Flexible Flue Liner - 316 Grade - 10yr Warranty

Suitable for use on appliances fired by gas (as specified by the fire manufacturer), and oils up to 28 second.

A single skin flexible flue liner suitable for relining within a masonry chimney. Suitable for use on appliances fired by gas (as specified by the fire manufacturer), and oils up to 28 second, and designed to accommodate temperatures not exceeding 260°C.

The flue liner is manufactured from 316L grade stainless steel and is 0.10mm thick. The flue liner has five convolutions between each seam. The Flue Liner seam is folded in three planes to give a TRIPLELOCK seal.

TRIPLELOCK Flue Liner is Kite-marked to BS 715 and has been approved and tested to BS EN 1856:2
BS EN 1856:2 T250 N1 D V3 L50010 G


  1. Make sure the liner will go down the chimney (this can be done by pulling down a small section of the diameter liner you will be using).
  2. Sweep your chimney.
  3. Check you pot is in good condition, if you are NOT using a suspended cowl then remove the pot from the stack. 


  1. Flue Liner should always be fitted from the top.
  2. Secure a piece of string (at least the same length as the Flue Liner to the Nose Cone (order separately).
  3. Now attach the Nose Cone onto the end of the Flue Liner
  4. Pull the liner down the chimney using the string and at the same time have someone at the top of the chimney feeding the Flue Liner down, once the Flue Liner is fitted remove the Nose Cone. If necessary cut the flue liner to length, and secure the liner at the top using the clamp plate. Ensure 75mm of the flue liner projects above the clamp plate so that the terminal can be located and secured.
  5. Secure and seal the flue liner to a register plate, which closes off the appliance recess. Alternatively the end of the flue liner can be sealed into flue pipe or a Flue Gas Collector or Flue Box.
  6. Terminate the flue liner by securely fitting the terminal to the projecting section of flue liner.
  7. Apply a suitable cement as a seal and weather proof render. 

It is recommended that chimneys serving gas and oil appliances be swept and maintained as frequently as necessary but at least once a year.