Sflue 5"/127mm Twin Wall Flue Pipe 1 Metre Length in Silver
Sflue 5"/127mm Twin Wall Flue Pipe 1 Metre Length in Silver

Sflue 5"/127mm Twin Wall Flue Pipe 1 Metre Length in Silver

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This 1 metre length of 5"/127mm twin wall flue pipe is a prefabricated, factory made twin-wall insulated stainless steel system chimney. The fully welded construction, combined with a high performance / high density insulating medium, provides the optimum level of performance required for modern-day solid fuel appliances such as DEFRA approved high-efficiency wood-burners alongside traditional stove installations. The product utilises a high performance mineral wool which is auger injected into a 25mm annulus between the inner and outer to a mean density of 250kg/m3, offering rapid stabilisation of draught and excellent thermal performance. Sflue utilises an eight-barb twist lock jointing system to secure each joint, a locking band must then be used at each joint.


  • 25mm mineral wool insulated annulas
  • External Flue Diameter 7"/178mm
  • DEFRA Approved Product
  • Suitable for negative & positive* pressure systems
  • 8 barb quick lock jointing system
  • 1 locking band supplied with each length

Product Designation

BS EN 1856-1 T450 N1 D Vm L50040 G(50)

Extra Information

Sflue is available in 2 internal flue diameters ranging from 127mm - 152mm and is suitable for solid fuel applications operating under negative draught / dry conditions or where the maximum positive pressure will not exceed 40Pa as designated by N1, at a maximum flue gas temperature of 450°C.

Sflue is available in 4 different lengths - 120mm, 300mm, 500mm, and 1000mm. All sizes and lengths are available in Silver or Satin Black finish.